Welcome to FWB world: 9 steps to landing a fuck buddy

Welcome to FWB world: 9 steps to landing a fuck buddy

I think we can all agree that sex is pretty damn awesome. What some of us can’t stand is what so often comes with sex: feelings.

I know that statement might make it sound like anyone who wants NSA sex is a psychopath, but I feel the opposite! Sex is a fundamental physical need. We crave sex. A lot of us need sex to be happy and content in our daily lives… however, sometimes we aren’t craving emotion. Maybe you just got out of a relationship, maybe you have enough to deal with on your own, maybe you don’t want emotional connection right now, maybe you just want to have sex and that’s it!

So how do you go about finding someone who’s okay with sex without feelings? Fuck buddies are the solution to this. Finding someone who you can have NSA sex with who is reliable, STD free, and drama-free can be hard! How can you find a partner (or a few partners) who you can rely on for sex but also rely on to not catch feelings? Here’s how to find a fuck buddy using free hookup apps like FWB world!

1. Get on dating apps!

Dating apps are a hotbed for other people who want to hook up without anything serious! This is where you can easily connect with a ton of people who want to have sex without getting emotional and you can connect fast!
So, get on Tinder, download Grindr, get on all the location-based sites! Make your profile hint that you’re looking for fun and aren’t interested in anything serious and start messaging people. You’ll be surprised at how many people are probably looking for the same thing.

2. Lay down the law early

If you don’t already have “looking for some fun” in your bio, make sure you let the other person know that you’re not looking to get tied down early in the conversation! You don’t want them to go getting any false hope or preconceived notions about what they can expect from you.

So be upfront and honest that you want to just fool around. Don’t worry about scaring people away, you might be pleasantly surprised about how many people will be down!

3. Communicate

The key to keeping things from getting complicated is always being honest. Don’t cut things off if you sense a tiny amount of tension, talk it out.

Let the other person know how you’re feeling, what you want from them (in bed and otherwise), and if they piss you off. This will keep things from getting messy!

4. If things get complicated, politely end it

Sex and emotions are often closely intertwined for people, so things might get complicated. It’s only natural. So, if things get complicated, use that open line of communication that you’ve established and cut things off.
Don’t yell, don’t scream, don’t be condescending. Be respectful and agree to part ways.
5. If they get crazy… don’t pull your punches

Now, if things get out of hand don’t be afraid to let your anger and discomfort show. Sometimes that’s what it takes to really drive the point home. End it, don’t talk to them, block their number, do what it takes to get away!

Top 3 Bed and Breakfast’s in Hawaii

3.) Holualoa Inn

Sitting on top of 30 tropical acres looking over the coast of Kona, Holualoa Inn invites its guests to discover a romantic location filled the Hawaiian hospitality of aloha. This inn contains six charmingly named guest rooms and suites, this estate is in the style of a plantation and it offers places of residence that are illuminated by custom furnishings, plush bedding, and original fine art. Darrell Hill Cottage, a cottage that has just recently been renovated has just begun taking reservations! Hidden away and affectionate, The Darrell Hill Cottage happens to be a one bedroom large cottage with an ocean view deck that wraps around the cottage and it is also perfect for a couples special occasions like an anniversary or a nice moonlit date. Rent this cottage for two-nights or by the week. It is also the go-to venue for the bride and groom on their wedding night. Host a family get-together, a wedding, a yoga class or any other special occasion among the peaceful grounds of this historic bed and breakfast and Malulani, open-air pavilion. Coffee, fruit, and vegetables grown on the property are served for breakfast every morning. Some of the luxuries include massage hale, rooftop gazebo, fireplace, and a beautiful mosaic-tiled pool. The Spirit of Aloha is definitely redefined with this gorgeous bed and breakfast.

2.) Mermaid Dreams

This tropical treasure is a must see. Consider it a magical getaway that is tucked away intimately in the Kona coffee belt. Visit this inn for journeys, love, to get away, or to get in touch with nature and mermaid encounters. Take it easy,  fix and restore yourself in the clear blue bodies of water of this gigantic island and the abundant green environment. Your hostess will be a real-life mermaid and she will be more than glad to show you how to get your tail on. This gorgeous 1.7 acres of manicured paradise inhabits fruit trees, tropical birds, and cool breezes. Just down the block are three sensational snorkeling areas, spinner dolphins, and a sunny tropical beach. It’s seriously one of the best bed and breakfast in Kona!

1.) Volcano Forest Inn

Go and Visit the rather therapeutic nature of the rainforest at Volcano Forest Inn, seated up on 5 vast tropical acres in the center of Volcano Village right near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Visitors can enjoy four big rooms with full walk-in closets, thick curtains, hardwood floors and private bathrooms that are outfitted with pure, soft filtered rainwater. Each room has its own private deck where guests can experience rainforest views filled with zen. Whether you are looking for adventure or a peaceful getaway, Volcano Forest Inn is the perfect home for those who want to experience a peaceful stay.

Check out the video below for a bed and breakfast on the Big Island!